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Add an ICON to your Memory Stick

To generate you own ICON use a site like This very functional, well designed site will take you through, a few simple steps and generate an icon file for you. The genfavicon site allows you to create web page icons as well.

Click here to watch a short movie on how to create an icon for your memory stick (Help - how to make it full screen)

Open up your favourite Paint Program. Most computers have a paint program of some description. You can use Paint Shop Pro because it has lots of features, Paint.Net can be downloaded. Since Windows 95, Microsoft have provided you with the paint application, normally found in the Accessories menu.

Launch Paint and open a picture file, you don't need anything too fancy, use the select tool to select an area about 100 x 100 pixels. Copy the selection, start a new file and paste the selection, save it, now go to genfavicon to create you Icon. Watch the movie above to see how easy it is to create your own icon file.

Remember the finished icon will be displaying at 32 pixels by 32 pixels so don't get to elaborate here...the site icon for example - is just the Capital Letter "F" on a red background. Once you have developed your design that you're happy with save it to your hard drive...and please try and remember where you saved it to. Save it with any name, but you must use .jpg .gif or .png format for the web site.

  1. Go to and load it in. Where it says: upload to the server you should click the button that says Browse and navigate to the folder where you saved your design and click on the file to load it into the form using the Upload Image Button.

  2. Now use the handles (the solid squares) presented around your image to Capture and preview your Icon. genfavicon allows you to select parts or all of your image to create the icon from. When you are happy click the Capture and Preview button.

  3. Happy with the design? If everything looks good the click the link to DOWNLOAD your favicon. Right hand click on the image and save it to the same memory stick with the new name of sbu.bmp.

  4. To see your iconic memory stick, open it from my documents, or remove and replace the memory stick.

  5. If you get bored, or it the image was not quite right repeat the process above. You are not limited to a one off attempt, the system will always try and show whatever is in in the sbu.bmp file.

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