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Downloading the software


For each memory stick you need a unique name to be used by your backing up machine as a folder name (be careful with Row Set names if you share this backing up computer). You can create own files or use one of our sets of pre-made files, these are called Row Sets. Follow the instructions below and after copying or creating the files onto your memory stick you need to test the software is working. You need to remove the stick from the machine and then re-insert it, this should cause the Auto Play to run, and show the backup menu option. If the Auto play does not appear read the Auto Run page. You can obtain the files via a Word Document macro or by downloading our collections of Row Sets, see below.

Word Document

If you have Word 97-2003, or Word 2007 you can download this document, and with macros enabled you can use it to create you own named memory stick files, again and again. Click here to download Word 97-2003 document.

Click here to watch a short movie on using the word document.

Open the word file and read the document. Once you have decide how useful this will be for you, enable the macro to run, click the button to create the backup files. The "Create DataStick Backup" form appears to allow you to choice the name of your memory stick and it's current drive.

If you include spaces in the name of you memory stick these will be replaced by underscores. Before the files can be created you must agree to our terms and conditions. You can use this word document as many times as you like. Now add an icon to your memory stick, Click here to find out more about adding an icon.

I found a memory stick but I don't know who it belongs to? Why not include your name in the name of the memory stick. When you use your name always prefix it with an identifier so you can tell your memory sticks apart, like 1_Joe_Bloggs, Purple_Joe_Bloggs, etc.

Why not include an icon made from a picture of you!


Row Sets

Row sets are collections of the files required for Memory Stick Backup, already prepared for you. You need to copy the three files, AutoRun.inf, sbu.bat, <name>.bmp (the auto play/run information file, the memory stick backup batch file, and the stick backup icon file) into the root folder (not in a sub folder) of each memory stick. We offer you sets of memory stick backups from 1 to 10, and sets of famous duos and triplets.

For example to create two memory sticks to be called Bonnie and Clyde.

Save onto the Bonnie Memory stick the Bonnie.bmp and the other two file in the same row in the table, AutoRun.inf and sbu.bat. Right hand mouse click on each file in the Row set for Bonnie and "Save Target As" onto your Memory stick.

Repeat the same for the Clyde memory stick, but the files must come from the Clyde row set.

To test the memory sticks remove them and then re-insert. If an error occurs check out Known Installation errors.

American outlaws of the Great Depression Icon File Autorun File Batch File  
Bonnie Bonnie.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
Clyde Clyde.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
World Famous publishers of Romance fiction        
  Mills Mills.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  Boon Boon.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
The most successful songwriting team of the 20th century        
  Lennon Lennon.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  McCartney McCartney.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
The basic spices of life        
  Salt Salt.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  Pepper Pepper.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
Number sets        
  1 1.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  2 2.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  3 3.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  4 4.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  5 5.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  6 6.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  7 7.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  8 8.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  9 9.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  
  10 10.bmp AutoRun.inf sbu.bat  


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