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How do I contact you to ask a question or make a suggestion? Please use our help email address of, thank you.

What is Memory stick Backup software? The software will copy the files on your data stick, if you want to every time you use it. Click here

What is the software going to cost me? Its free, but we would like you to make free donations if you are happy with the software every time you buy items through Amazon. Click here

What doesn't it do? The application only offers to back up your memory stick when you first place the stick in the machine. It does not back up any new files or amendments you make while it is in the machine. You need to force it to back up these file by releasing the stick from the machine and re-inserting it, causing the auto play to run the backup menu option.

An alternative to the Auto Play menu is to open My Documents, point at the memory stick, view the folders and then double click (open) the sbu batch file this will cause the back up to occur. This method can be used to back up your memory stick at anytime, remember you still have to have permission to write to the C drive of your backing up machine.

How do I contact you? Please use our email address - to contact us.

The menu dose not appear when I insert my memory stick into the usb? This could be because the files are missing on the memory stick or Auto play is set to off on the machine. Click here

Can I mix and match my back up sets? You are not restricted to using Duo sets like Bonnie and Clyde together. You could have Bonnie and McCartney, But you must use the files that make up the Row Set.

Cannot perform back up error? If you remove your memory stick early, without allowing the data stick to close the activity occurring with the files, the files may become corrupted. Sometimes windows will prefix these files with a sigma (a strange shaped E). You will need to open the original document in Word save it with a new name, and then delete these files before continuing to backup use MSBU. You may find you cannot recovery some of these files. Word may split one file into a number of parts each prefixed with a sigma, and with no apparent connection with the names (may be first line from the text section).

What is a Row Set? The Duos and 1-10 sets are presented in Rows. A row set is a set of files for the back up. For example here is the Row Set for Bonnie:

Where must the files be located on my memory stick? All the files must be at the root of the memory stick, not in a sub folder/directory.

Is there a word 2007 version? If you have word 2007 you can download this macros-enabled document, and with the macro option enabled you can use it to create you own named memory stick files, again and again. Word 2007 If you have problem downloading this .docx because it only saves as a .zip file, Click here

I am having a problem downloading the .docx file! Sometimes when you try to save the file your Internet Browser always save the file as a ZIP and not a DOCX file, this is a setting issue. To solve this problem you need to adjust your browser setting, below are the instruction for IE:

    1. Select Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Custom Level.
    2. Scroll down to the setting that says “Open Files Based on Content, not file extension”.
    3. Set to Disabled. (If this is enabled, IE will treat the files as zip files. If it’s disabled, it should open the file.)
    4. Use Save Target As to download the file, select the folder to save it in and add the extent ion to the file name of .docm, to save the file in the correct format.

How Do I make a Movie Full Screen? To toggle from full to partial screen you need to click on the arrow icons in the bottom right hand corner of the movie window.

Known Installation errors:
Not a windows 32 bit application. During Beta testing this error occurred. Please use the word application to create the files again. Please contact us and tell us how you created the files, we are looking for a pattern of events, we need to know if any errors occurred during file creation, thank you. © 2009  
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