How do I create the Video Feedback Using Encoder 9?


Before embarking on recording digital files for students, you should read our advice on Things to consider when providing Feedback and specifically the section What technical knowledge do I need to know?, as it contains information regarding structuring feedback, and some technical pointers for creating digital audio files.

A significant point worth noting here is the management of digital files. Appropriate file naming, directory structuring and file storage should be carefully considered and adhered to when you are making extensive numbers of digital video files.

You only need to perform Step 1 once. Steps 2 and 6 are only required for each new assessment. Step 3 checks the quality of the recording. Step 4 records the feedback for each student assessment. Step 5 uploads the work and takes you back to Step 4.

If Encoder 9 is not available on your Computer you need to install Windows Media Encoder 9 screen capture software.


Define Recording parameters:


If have previously saved a session parameter file then close the New Session Window and move to Step 3.

For a new session you need to decide for each assessment the quality of recording, location of output file, file name. Consider how the student will receive the feedback. Test the sound is being record.

Save the session parameter and by pass the new session option next time by closing the New session window and loading the saved session parameters.

To open encoder click on Windows Media Encoder, found in the Windows Media Folder.

Click her for a PDF version Anatomy of Encoder

Click here to watch associated movie to help you through the use
Capture mode
Choosing to create a Screen Capture Video file. In the dialog box select the Capture Screen session.
Capture Session Screen Definition

Next, make sure that you have ticked the Capture audio from the default audio device option. Select Entire screen.

More information about "What do you want to capture?" can be found in the Anatomy of Encoder booklet.

The Output File Name

The program creates a Windows Media movie (wmv extension). You need to consider how you want to name the file, given how you intend to provide the feedback to the students and if you want to maintain a record for each student on your computer. We recommend you use a generic file name for the assessment; using student folder names to separate the recordings. If you want to record in a specific file for each student you will need to amend this for each submission.

Recording Quality

The quality of the low setting may be too poor to provide the best feedback for the students.  Medium is the middle of the road, with file size and recording quality.

You do have to record on the highest resolution, students have indicated that the content is the most important aspect not the quality of the recordings.

Recording Information

You can record additional display information that will appear when the video is played in Windows Media Player.  Enter the title and Author and click Next.

Review Setting

You can now review the settings and use the back button option to return to a previous form to amend the settings if necessary.

If you select the begin capturing screen when you click Finish the encoder immediately starts to record.  When you have checked the settings, click Finish.

You can change the properties of each section by click the back button until you are satisfied..

Review the quality of Screen capture

The Encoder control panel now appears ready to start recording. From this window you could click on new session which allows you define a new set of parameters for a recording session. 

The properties button allows you to amend the setting for the current session.

The Start Encoding, Stop, and Pause buttons control the recording.

Click here to watch associated movie to help you through the use
Testing the quality of recordings

Before you start marking you need to test the recording quality.  Click on “start encoding” button.  You may have a confirmation window open, click on yes to continue. 

Play the output file

Remember to say a few words as you intend when marking, let the system record for a few seconds and click the “stop” button.  Click on the “Play Output file” button to see and hear you recording quality.

When using a prepared session parameter you can change the properties of each section by clicking on the Properties tab.

  Review the recording through Microsoft Media Player

Press the arrow to start the movie and press the Pause button to pause the movie.

When playing the file open the Windows Media player as full screen, and turn the player’s View full screen mode  on, to check the quality.

4 For each student submission, Click Start Encoding Clicking Start encoding will start the screen capture. The control window will move to the windows explorer bar waiting for you to recall it and action the stop or pause buttons.
  Record you comments about the submission

Follow the advice in Things to consider when providing Feedback.

  • Focus on the quality of the feedback as opposed to the quality of the recording.
  • Augmenting your feedback
  • Structure your feedback.
  • Try to stay positive
  • Speak clearly.
  • Grade and Feedback Forward.

Remember you can Pause and continue when you like. A little Caution though STOP means end of recording. Accidental clicking on STOP sometimes means re-recording or providing multiple files to students.

Use the advantages of screen capture video, and the show student how they could/should have provided the work. open and show them other files or web pages.

The richer you make the recording the more you are feeding forward and reducing the need for students to see you.

Click her for a PDF version Controlling the screen capture


Click on Pause or Stop

Clicking on the task bar encoder will pause the recording with a single monitor.


You have more options with multiple monitors. Clicking stop will bring the recording to an end. Pause will stop the recording while you gather your thoughts or find a file to open to explain a concept to the student.
  Click Pause results in the choice to Stop or continue (Start) Encoding. Click the start encoding button to continue adding to the feedback file.
  Check that the student file has recorded

Once you click on the stop button the option to close and start another recording, play the current output file, or start a whole new session appear in this window.

You can check every time or periodically that the file has recorded correctly.





Upload the file to the student.

Click close to start recording the next student's work

Click on yes to continue and overwrite the current output. Make sure you have upload the last student's feedback before clicking yes, you cannot recover these file.

Back to4to record feedback for the next student.


6 Save the Session Parameter file
Save the session parameter file and use it next time to reload the saved parameters.  

  Changing Encoder Properties

You can amend this through the properties window, select the appropriate tab and amend the field.


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