Overview of Creating Screen Capture Digital Video Feedback


Overview of the Screen Capture Digital Video
The diagram on the right shows the process of Screen Capture Digital Video feedback. This is broken down into: assessment submission, feedback file creation, assessment with feedback returned to the student.

1. The student prepares the work using a word processor, or other computer program (paper-based submissions can be scanned to Adobe PDF or other electronic format).

2.  The student submits his/her work into the assignment area of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

3. The student receives an electronic submission confirmation.

4. The tutor logs on to the VLE, opens the student’s work, initiates the screen capture software and starts marking. The marking session is automatically recorded by the screen capture software. 

5. The tutor can add oral comments, demonstrate how the work should have appeared, highlight sections of text, add pictures, add handwritten comments (with a special computer pen), open and show other prepared files, notes, and so on.

6. When the marking session is complete, the tutor stops the screen capture recording. The session has been captured into a digital video file which is then uploaded to the VLE in the student’s work folder.

7. The student logs on to the VLE and watches the marking session with the tutor talking to the student about the work as if they were in the same room. The video can be viewed as many times as the student wishes. 


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