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Student Feedback via Screen Capture Digital Video
-Things to consider when providing Feedback
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Screen Capture
-User FAQ's
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-How do I create the video feedback Using Encoder 9

Other items:
-Workshop Prospectus 2011
-Dual Monitors
-Screen Capture PDF V Fold Leaflet

-Amendable PowerPoint presentation
-A3 Event poster
-A3 Event poster (save and print)

Journal paper - Student feedback via screen capture digital video: stimulating student's modified action
-Higher Education;Nov2012, Vol. 64 Issue 5, p593

Student Feedback via Screen Capture Digital Video - Workshop

TASK 1 - Creating your first Screen Capture (Full screen version click here to see what we are asking you to create)

Step 1. *Prepare to record your first screen capture using a prepared session parameter file. For Media Encoder 9 a session parameter file has been created and preset to save firstSC.wmv in C:\Temp click below to obtain the appropriate file for your PC configuration:

Click here for Step 1 help movie. Open your firstSC.wme Media Encoder session file. If the session parameter file dose not open the encoder application, cancel the action. Open Media Encoder and follow the instructions in "How do I create the video feedback Using Encoder 9" about defining the session parameters.

Step 2. We want you to open and comment on contents of the following file: commentary1.docx
Click here for Step 2 help movie.

Notes to comment upon -

  • 2nd paragraph spelling of determination
  • 1st paragraph should read "that most research" not "that research"
  • There are 40 forced questions not 20.
  • it is ".org.uk" not just ".org"
  • be honest with the subject it will take 30 minutes to complete
  • 1st Paragraph 3rd sentence should be" I" not "We"

Step 3. When you are ready start encoding/capturing your comments, click on Start encoding (if the output file already exists it will ask permission to overwrite it, click yes/OK).

Step 4. When you have pointed at/highlighted/added all the comments stop the capture. Carefully Play the output file (the movie), remember the comments about volume control. Close the Windows media player.

Step 5. Close the Encoder Results Window. Click on File and Save your session in C:\Temp as firstSC.

We hope you enjoyed the experience. Now click here for TASK 2





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