Desktop or Laptop

The minimum requirements are a desktop or laptop computer with a Pentium 4 CPU or above, and 512 MB of Ram or better, Microsoft Windows XP or later (with the latest Service pack installed), a computer microphone and set of speakers, or a headset.

The programs required are the standard Office applications, plus two free programs: Microsoft Windows Media Player (normally already installed on your machine) and Windows Media Encoder, available for download from Microsoft.

Other enhancements can be the use of a multiple monitor system, where two or more display monitors are attached to your PC or Laptop to provide an extended desktop and the ability to see a full screen of two or more applications at the same time.

Microphones and Speakers

There are a number of types of computer microphones you can use ranging from being on a stand, clip on (your shirt), headset, wireless, and so on. You need to try out and decide which you prefer.
When using one that is on a stand, try holding it to your chest, with the microphone upwards.  I find this acts as a positive action to the process, “I am recording now”. 
Be careful if you try to leave the desk with the headset or the clip-on, as the wires will pull you back (or you may pull your laptop to the floor!), if you forget to take it off.  You may also require a set of speakers if your computer does not have built in ones.

This is the only piece of technology you may have to buy.


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